Welcome to LRX1
A new era of DIY hit-detectors has begun

Extend your playground without breaking the piggy bank by deploying LRX modular technology into your training routine and stretch your game beyond ordinary limits!

  • Auto adjustement for wind sensibility
  • Range up to 3km+ (repeater)
  • Adjust to all target size & shape
  • Easy installation and removal (no prep)
  • Detect 22LR even at long range (500m+)
  • Handle firepower up to 416B
  • Light Indicators driving up to 50 detectors
  • Recharge everything with usb-c cables
  • Long lasting battery life
  • High intensity light indicators
  • Visual information of the impacted zone
  • Keep count of hits and provide all metrics
  • Regular update for Patreon
  • Available for free in the download section
  • Complete step-by-step video for assembly
  • Pre-assambly kits available for sale

A one of a kind DIY hit-detector available for free

All 3D models & software available for download
We value our community and try our best to offer results beyond expectations

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A Modular design which adapt to all scenarios and topography even the most complex one with dense forest and steep hills!

LRX systems will adapt to your terrain and call your hits whatsoever

Driven by a community of passionate shooters who takes part of the development process.
Every 6 months a global release is shared to all users that adds new functionalities or fix bugs based on feedbacks

Available for Free the complete systeme is downloadable on this website. You will find here the bill of materials to order each part individually or use affiliate links to get the right parts the first time

Hardware Assembly video available in the build section describing each steps of the build process.
Follow the step-by-step approach and create your detectors in no time and load the last software released

Quick DEMO of the detector features available for download

LRX1 Detectors provide an easy way to call your Hits at long range or when it is difficult to read the impacts. The system uses high sensitivity accelerometers and gyroscope to get the impact velocity and direction

Multiple modes allow a fine tuning of the sensibility making the system able to distinguish wind and low energy impacts of a bullet

Once an impact is detected an RF message is sent to the Receptor device which starts to blink an provide information about the zone of impact. The system is able to detect a hit in all 4 corners or right in the center of the target.

A single hit detector unit can transmit at range close to 1 Mile but distance can drastically reduce when placed behind an heavy piece of ballistic steel. To counteract that limitation a second unit located closer to the Receptor can work as a repeater and re-transmit the signal. By doing so there is no distance limitation and you can reach 4 Miles quite easily in plain line of sight

Another solution is to put another Receptor in light mode only close to the hit-detector to get a blink light when the target is hit.

  • Repeater Mode
  • Light Mode Only


LongRange Experience is an open community providing DIY solutions for TLD / ELR shooters willing to extend their playground